Death can strike at any time ,whether you are young or old .We would advise that everyone should have a Personal file with all important information .This should be update at least once in 3 months or whenever there are important changes .Please feel free to use the checklist provided



Information to include in Personal Info File – List may be added to and is not exhaustive

Full name /ID /Tax No/Passport No

Parents info (required for estate )

Marriage info ( Married ANC/COP)

Spouse Details – Name /ID / Income tax

Children details – Name /ID /Income Tax

Name of all entities – shareholding /Business ownership/trusts

Estate planning/ Buy /Sell agreement /Key man policies

Agreement with executor/attorney in terms of fees

Location of all original documents – list – Will /Title deeds/ID /Passport /Marriage cert/contract/Vehicle log books/tax info/sureties signed/Liabilities /Safety deposit box

List of Personal Advisers and contact details ie:-

Accountant /Attorney /Banker/Insurance Broker/Executor

Religious Leader

Detail list of Assets and Liabilities -update regularly

Details of insurance Policies /Retirement Annuity/and beneficiaries

Current Employer details

Membership of any clubs/professional associations/gym etc

Credit Card /Debit card details

Utilities -details Electricity /Landline/cell phone -

Social Media – eg Whattsapp/Linkedin /Facebook /instagram/telegram etc email address/website -details user name account # password

Laptop/Computer/cellphone – login details – Software details

Loyalty programs -frequent traveller / loyalty cards – user name and passwords

Bank Accounts details log in details(encrypt)

Burial requests eg cemetery /last rites/ Bequests and charities

Family must all be aware of personal info file in the event of death /accident/illness


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