THE RIGHT TEAM: The team is specifically selected for each assignment so as to ensure that it has all the required skills, experience and understanding of both the client's needs and environment in which the client operates.


The team will spend time prior to the assignment in order to:

  • Understand the assignment and the environment in which the entity operates
  • Understand the events, transactions and practices
  • Be in a position to make appropriate evaluations and reports during and at the completion of the assignment.

RISK BASED APPROACH TO ASSIGNMENTS: The cornerstone of our approach, be they audits, accounting services, investigation, system evaluation or other special assignments lies with the evaluation of the various risks attaching to an assignment or client. Assessment comprises a thorough analysis of the component of risk viz. inherent, control and commercial or environmental risks.

VALUE ADDED APPROACH: Assignment teams are properly briefed on the clients history, background, systems etc.  Strength and opportunities together with weaknesses and threats are considered and debated. Any opportunities to add value to a clients business is thus routinely evaluated by staff.

REPORTING: Comprehensive feedback via meetings and written reports is an ongoing and fundamental aspect to our approach.

CONCLUSION: We value these clients and appreciate the opportunities that they have afforded our firm.

These opportunities have contributed significantly to the development of our skills, training of our staff, building our experience and growth of the firm.

We are constantly improving our methodologies and striving to be as up to date as possible in the use of new technology, especially software tools, and making our operations one of the most modern in the country.

We are confident that the number of meaningful assignments that we are involved in will continue to increase.

It always only makes sense to invest in the development of skills and infrastructure if there is assurance that there will be assignments in that area. We have therefore focused the development of expertise, skills, technology and capacity in the areas that we have identified as most likely to support our endeavors.

Where we identify opportunities we commit without reserve to develop our skills in order to perform efficiently and effectively.

At F Suleman & Associates  we will always be “ Striving for Service Excellence “ and we will always welcome the support we get in order to be able to reach our goals and achieve our long term plans and vision.


Our methodologies, technologies and expertise base are sound and dependable. We expect our services to be rated purely on merit which is in keeping with our motto of “striving for service excellence”.

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